Hvar er heitasta borhola veraldar? – IDDP1 Kröflu Íslandi

Heimild:  landsvirkjun

Magma well at Krafla: Temperature World Record

Febrúar 2015

Landsvirkjun, the National Power Company of Iceland is the founder of the Icelandic Deep Drilling Project. The project, which marks a milestone in energy research, involves drilling deeper boreholes than have been attempted before. These boreholes will be 4-5 km in depth and it is estimated that they could give between 5-10 times more energy than standard boreholes. The first borehole (IDDP-1) was drilled in the Krafla area in 2008-2009. The drilling of the well came to an abrupt end at 2.1 km depth where the drill-bit intersected magma. Flow test of the well in 2010-2012 gave of steam at 430-450°C making it by far the hottest geothermal well in the world

It is estimated that the potential energy production of the borehole could be between 25-35 MWe. Despite the earlier setbacks, the project has provided valuable knowledge and experience for future endeavours


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